I'm Meredith

I’m a creative based in North Carolina. Originally from a close-knit community in rural Maryland, I learned an appreciation for both natural beauty and the relationships that sustain us.

Being separated from that community during the COVID-19 pandemic spurred my painting practice you see today.

Painting is akin to journaling for me. I invite you into my practice and hope something here says something to you, even just this much ><.

Artist Statement

Locations and people are hazy and unclear. People from past, present, future convene in this dreamscape. The emphasis is on the moment – who we are/were/will be in relation to each other, and the memories that remain.

Color is my vehicle for emotion. Inverted and digitally manipulated palettes convey uncanniness; even in happy, emotive moments, something still isn’t quite right. Bold colors pair with muddy neutrals, highlighting their respective power.

My main collection of figure paintings aims to convey two sides of each scene. Love and longing. Organic and inorganic. Togetherness and distance. Beauty lies in the overlap.

Social Media Spotlight

Take a peek at what I’ve been up to on Instagram (@meredithdayart).

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